Exclusive Benefits for Early Adopters

Update: added approximate timeline (4th of October 2018).



Hi. My name is Alexander Isora. I’m an independent web designer and developer.
For my whole career, I’ve been producing websites. I’ve created thousands of landing pages that helped many companies to sell their value.

I’m also a productive maker. By productive, I mean very damn productive: https://www.producthunt.com/@alexanderisora/made

I love the community of independent makers (so-called Indie Hackers or Solo Founders) a lot. I even created a cozy Telegram chat with 140 great fellows-makers. Helping guys in building and promoting new awesome products and establishing useful connections makes me happy. I also promote the idea of Solo Founding in my city and support beginning devs in their adventures.

Some years ago I met a talented designer Dima. He helped me to discover the market of web design & development tools. We have created a couple of outstanding products which helped hundreds of makers to get great landing pages for their startups.



I’m moving forward in my mission of making websites creating simple and enjoyable. That is why I’ve started building Unicorn Platform.
Unicorn Platform is a landing page generator for startups and makers. This project is aimed to provide a ridiculously easy and fast way to build a solid website for a mobile app, SaaS project, desktop app, plugin, browser extension, open source library or any other digital product.

At the moment, the MVP of the tool is ready and anyone can use it to create a landing page. It already contains 55 components in 21 categories. Now I’m focused on getting feedback from my friends and making some customer development routine to create a perfect app. Many thanks to all you guys for your valuable critics, especially to Lena Moysya, Liza Akimova, Roman Ryzhikov. I love you!



Unicorn Platform Beta UI


The development roadmap contains 2 huge milestones.
First, I shipped the static landing page generator (v1). Users will be able to choose from a huge amount of designed and coded components to make a page. After composing a page, a user will be able to export an HTML code of the page to host on his own hosting.
Second, Unicorn Platform (v2) will transform into a full-powered online tool where you will be able to edit, deeply customize, quickly add integrations to your landing page, and attach custom domain.
The long-term vision of the product is a huge subject. So the next iterations will be presented in another post.

Approximate product timeline. Dates and numbers are subject to change.

Approximate product timeline. Dates and the v2 recurring price are subjects to change.


To ship Unicorn Platform faster, I need a help of a frontend and a backend hero. It requires some funds (~$7k). That is why I’m launching a pre-sale phase. Anyone can become an early adopter of the project and get exclusive benefits.



50 people can get full pro access to the Unicorn Platform website builder for the whole lifespan of the project. Pro access means the ability to use all pro components, pro templates, pro widgets, and pro integrations which exist in a current version of Unicorn Platform. The builder will have at least 275 components.
The profit is that in v2 of Unicorn Platform regular users will be charged monthly (approx. $16 per month) whereas Early Adopters will be able to continue building and hosting an unlimited amount of websites for free. It’s a win-win.

Terms: the lifetime period equals the lifespan of the project (Unicorn Platform). The purchase is non-refundable. The pre-sale will continue until all the supply of 50 subscriptions is sold or the beta-testing period is over (31st of October 2018). This terms may be changed.

Update: all Lifetime Subscriptions are sold out! Thanks everybody for your contribution. We will have a great journey in the future :>
Please read this post: https://blog.unicornplatform.com/lifetime-deal-round-success/