Guide: Setting Up Zapier Form Integration (10 min)

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This friendly guide teaches you how to activate Zapier integration on Unicorn Platform forms to collect your visitors’ emails.

What is Zapier?

Let me briefly explain what Zapier is for the ones who are not familiar with this brilliant service.
Zapier is an automation tool that connects multiple services. Throw data from one source to another without writing a single line of code.

For example, you can translate all your incoming DMs in a social network to a CRM. Or send a notification in Slack when you get a new email.

You can create tricky multi-step combinations with all their 1500 integration options and turn your forms into a powerful marketing machine.

Pair this with the sweetest landing page builder in the world and you will become unstoppable! 😈

So how to pair Zapier with Unicorn Platform?

In this guide, you will learn how to collect visitors’ emails with beautiful Unicorn Platform forms and send them to a Google Sheet via Zapier.
Please sign up in Zapier if you have not already done that and let’s get started! 😁

Step 1: Make a new Zap

A combination of data automation is called a Zap. Hit “Make a Zap!”.

Zapier dashboard index.
Zapier dashboard index.

Step 2: Pick data source

We will use Zapier webhook as a data source. Unicorn Platform will send your visitors’ emails to this webhook.
Type “webhook” and pick “Webhooks by Zapier”:

Pick a Zap data source.
Pick a Zap data source.

Then pick “Catch Hook” and press “Continue”:

Zapier Webhook setting up
Zapier Webhook setting up.

Ah-h, here it is! The webhook URL that we need to start collecting emails. Please copy it and let’s go to your Unicorn Platform website:

Zapier webhook URL
Zapier webhook URL.

Step 3: Add a form integration

Navigate to your Unicorn Platform website page. Start editing a component with a form. Press “Connect new integration”:

Connect new integration to Unicorn Platform
Connect a new integration to a Unicorn Platform form.

Then pick “Zapier”:

Adding a Zapier integration to Unicorn Platform website
Adding a Zapier integration to Unicorn Platform website.

And paste the previous copied Zapier Webhook URL and hit “Save”.
Good job! You are almost finished.

Save Zapier form Integration
Save Zapier form Integration.

Step 4: Throw some test data

Now we need to fire the form one time to meed the Zapier Webhook. We will throw a data sample by submitting our Unicorn Platform form.

Save the website changes, publish page if needed and open it.

Save Unicorn Platform landing page changes
Save Unicorn Platform landing page changes.

Open your website page in a new tab and submit the form one time:

Zapier Webhook sample data submission
Zapier Webhook sample data submission.

Now let’s get back to Zapier. Hit “Continue”:

Continue setting up a Zap

The hit “Test & continue”:

Zapier will get the previously sent sample data
Zapier will now get the previously sent sample data.

Final step: 5 Add email destination

Now we need to somehow process our emails which are coming from a Unicorn Platform form. In this guide, I will collect emails in a Google Sheet, but you can add any other integration.

Pick “Google Sheets”:

Pick Google Sheet integration in the Zapier list
Pick Google Sheet integration in the Zapier list.

Navigate to the Google Sheet service and create a new sheet with a header. Like this:

Please note that line pull movement I did. It is needed to create a table headers row. Zapier requires a headers row so be a good %your_gender% and please do not miss this important step.

Settings up the Google Sheets integration in a Zap requires numerous simple steps. Here is the demonstration:

That is it!

Do not forget to activate your zap! This little thingy must be green:

Activate Zap
Activate Zap.


If you was careful and did everything right, you will get this:

That is all!


Q: It doesn’t work! 😞

Zapier is a complicated service so it’s totally OK if you face a problem.
So let’s fix it!

First, please make sure your Zap is ON. That little lad sometimes goes offline when you change its settings. It made me crazy so many times. You do not need to get crazy because I warned you.

Still failing? Let’s dig deeper!

Navigate to the task history by clicking here:

Zap task history button
Zap task history button.

Here in the task history page, you can check if a Unicorn Platform form really sends an email to Zapier:

If you can find an item sent from your form, then the form works well and the problem is in the Google Sheets setting up step. Make sure you picked a right sheet and create a row header (see Step 5).

If there is no data coming from Unicorn Platform, then please make you have chosen the right integration and saved the website after edition. Do not forget also to refresh a browser tab with the page with a form after making any changes.

Q: It still doesn’t work! πŸ˜–

Just tell us your problem and we will help!

Q: Uh-h! This is so complicated!

Don’t be such a little wining kiddo. It takes time to set everything up. Then you enjoy the beauty of automation and keep saving hours.

This is how you integrate Zapier in a Unicorn Platform form. Thanks for your attention. I wish you good luck with your startup!

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