A Brief Introduction to Unicorn Platform

Hi fellows. My name is Alexander Isora. I’m a web developer, designer, and a startup-guy. I love the web and at the same time, I don’t understand how can it be so messy and complicated.
It’s 2018 year! Why does one still need to be a genius and spend tons of time to simply create a website? (And where is my flying hoverboard?! 😂)

That is why I’m building Unicorn Platform. It is an intuitive, accessible and pleasant to use landing page generator for startups (big and small).

Since I’m a big fan of LSD (I mean Lean Software Development 😂) Unicorn Platform will be developed iteratively. The first version of the product will be a self-hosted static landing pages generator. Thus, you will need little knowledge of HTML to edit the content of a generated template. Then in future Unicorn Platform will be significantly improved. We will create a content editor, hosting and much cool stuff. The roadmap will be published soon.

Why Unicorn Platform rocks? Because it’s a landing page generator by a maker for makers. I know exactly what you buddy need and want.
Another cool thing is that it will be a matter of passion (not money) for me to deliver a perfect landing page generator. No hurry, no pain, no stupid KPIs – only endless love for details and vital intention to make a really great tool.

Update: October, 2019:

The King is dead. Long live the King!

The v2.0 of the builder is officially launched. It is a completely new product. Unicorn Platform now has an online content editor and hosting. The previous verison (static landing page generator) will remain accessible for all existing paid users.

Read the announce here.

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