A Brief Introduction to Unicorn Platform

Hi fellows. My name is Alexander Isora. I’m a web developer, designer, and a startup-guy. I love the web and at the same time, I don’t understand how can it be so messy and complicated.
It’s 2018 year! Why does one still need to be a genius and spend tons of time to simply create a website? (And where is my flying hoverboard?! 😂)

That is why I’m building Unicorn Platform. It is an intuitive, accessible and pleasant to use landing page generator for startups (big and small).

Since I’m a big fan of LSD (I mean Lean Software Development 😂) Unicorn Platform will be developed iteratively. The first version of the product will be a self-hosted static landing pages generator. Thus, you will need little knowledge of HTML to edit the content of a generated template. Then in future Unicorn Platform will be significantly improved. We will create a content editor, hosting and much cool stuff. The roadmap will be published soon.

Why Unicorn Platform rocks? Because it’s a landing page generator by a maker for makers. I know exactly what you buddy need and want.
Another cool thing is that it will be a matter of passion (not money) for me to deliver a perfect landing page generator. No hurry, no pain, no stupid KPIs – only endless love for details and vital intention to make a really great tool.


Today is 21 July 2018. The current product progress:

  • Components prototypes: 100%
  • Templates design: 100%
  • Templates code: 20%
  • Builder itself: 2%


P.S.: The email newsletter will be the main news distribution channel. Subscribe if you want to follow or become an early tester (early testers get free Pro months).

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